fic: and somehow i knew i could find my way back to you. — ivory & winter. — original.

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She possesses a mechanical heart, drives her mad right from the start. Makes her insane with want dripping with desire. The ebb and flow of these things jab and poke and tear apart, everything she’s built.

Fractured stone, she stands before the building taking in everything, a brilliant shining cacphony of sights and sounds and smells that hit her all at once. Diffterent textures and colours swirling about her, taunting her, daring her to take another step further.

Fallen down that rabbit hole.

The dizzying effects causes her head to explode, setting her senses on overload at the slightest touch, as the energy becomes too much and not enough all at once. It’s the driving force, pushing and pulling, knocking her down and bringing her back up so high she can’t let go, can’t taper this euphoric thrall.

Ivory stands in pitch black darkness alone, still and quiet, brighter than anything she’s ever known, and still she finds she’s nothing more than casual molded clay, hardened and turned to stone.

A bit rough around the edges, with few cracks in the foundation, her feet rooted to the very spot she doesn’t move forward and can’t look behind. Always, straight ahead on a straight path laid before her.

Winter bleeds her heart dry.