fic: she paints her porcelain heart black & puts daggers in her eyes. – september & october. – original.

she paints her porcelain heart black & puts daggers in her eyes. september + october ; ( original ). 375 words. pg-13.| september comes as a surprise to october. | not yet beta’d.

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September comes as a surprise to her, warmth rushes over her skin, and she shares a smile. It’s the first time since the institute that she’s seeing her – really seeing her – and she can’t believe how amazing she looks, how happy she seems. It’s a far cry from the state she’d left her in, as she walked away in the biting wind and rain.

It was as if the worn out tattered sky had opened up and poured out all of the miserable contents belonging to a small wounded soul, battle scarred, and crying out in terminal anguish.

The guilt had eaten her up, but she’d had no choice. They had told her if she loved her, this is what was best for her. Sometimes you have to do the hard thing and just let go. It had been painful and she’d spent many sleepless nights roaming the corridors of her empty heart, wondering if what she had done had been the best decision for the both of them.

The last time she saw her, she had been crouched half hidden in a corner, staining the cold hard clinical tiles with crimson blinking out of this life, possibly on her way to the after.

She’s beautiful, in the way her raven colored curls fall across her shoulders and her green eyes shine so vividly with life that had been virtually vacant mere months beforehand. The daughter of May, September had always been a force to be reckoned with, and sometimes October had had to hold on tight and let her run her course.

With her, it was always spring in the summer and fall in the winter.

She leads with her heart and loses her head. Paints her porcelain heart black, puts daggers in her eyes, and gets dressed up to enjoy funerals.

September manages to gracefully lace up the stitches and disquiet October’s rueful soul with a thousand and one paper cuts meant to wound. It’s the only way she knows how to say, “thank you, for what you did. I love you, but I really fucking hate you now.”

And it’s enough to just see her through a hazy crowd of people and never really get to see her, at all.